Chandler’s book

A review of MATTHEW PERRY’s “Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing“ Last week I sent my sister this picture on Whatsapp with the caption “Chandler’s book” because who calls Chandler ‘Matthew Perry’?

The broken window

The window had a gaping hole and that’s when I knew that its resident had finally escaped.

To making it count !

Anger is an emotion. Happiness is one too. Being angry because it rained, just when you are about to walk out, is a feeling and being happy when you see that cake slide smoothly out of your baking tin is a feeling – albeit little ones. Being sad because your friend died of cancer is…

The endless open tabs

Has working from home during the pandemic increased your productivity? If you think the answer is yes, but you feel exhausted beyond recognition at the end of each day and face a perennial fatigue plaguing you since the time your memory can fathom, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate things. I returned to work after maternity…

10 months too soon

Eva turns 10 months tomorrow. This post would seem more apt for when she turns a year but then here we are. K and I met each other about 12 years ago when we were both studying for graduation. It wasn’t love at first sight, it wasn’t even friendship, honestly.

Toast to my amazing husband

My husband is a different category in its own when it comes to ‘husbanding’. He is so good, that it’s often unbelievable that such men exist! Sounds cheesy, a post written about him, but this just happened!

The steak knife

Everyone thought it was a magic wand. Wrapped up in your smile. But I saw through the covers the very first time I laid my eyes upon you. The steak knife. Silver handle and sleek. Edge sharp as ever. The steak knife wrapped up in your charm. I saw it and I ran in the…

Human Connections: Are you okay?

“Are you okay?” – Such a simple question to ask, just three words, can be uttered in a single breath, but more often than not, we see ourselves not using them. Take a minute to reflect – it is quite probable that in the last few days, you have come across a man looking really…

Cos you’re an angel

I was once lonely, nervous and weak Tears on the verge, and afraid to speak. Awake at night, thinking of days Questioning myself in many different ways.   Why am i different, trying to fit in? Why can’t they see, I am always giving in Being nice comes easy to me By doing so I…